Residential Radon Mitigation – Nashville, Tennessee

Residential Radon Mitigation in Nashville, Tennessee

Residential Radon Nashville TennesseeNashville, Tennessee lies within the highest category of risk factors for radon problems, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Radon contamination is a serious threat. Inhalation of this colorless, odorless gas is the second biggest cause of lung cancer in the U.S. It is important for anyone who owns a residential property in Nashville to understand the radon levels within their home and introduce any necessary radon mitigation measures.

By carrying out radon testing on the air and water within your home in Nashville, Tennessee, SWAT Environmental can help you to understand the extent of the radon problem within your property. We can then implement radon mitigation measures, if radon levels in your home are found to be high.

How Residential Radon Enters Homes in Nashville, Tennessee

Radon is a clear, odorless, and tasteless gas which forms in the soil and drifts up into the atmosphere. When there are no buildings in its way, radon disperses easily and is relatively harmless. However, when radon encounters a building it seeps in through vents and cracks in the floors and walls, contaminating the air. The type of soil and rocks that naturally occur under Nashville, Tennessee, contribute toward high radon levels, and make residential radon mitigation measures a necessity.

Radon can also contaminate the water supply around Tennessee. If your household water is drawn from a Nashville well that is contaminated with radon, the colorless, odorless gas may enter your home every time you turn on the tap, take a shower, or run a bath.

Homeowners need to be aware that any type of home can be affected. It is not only newer homes or homes with basements that may require radon mitigation measures. Radon levels are not affected by the type of structure, nor by its design or use. The location of the home is a far greater risk factor. Any home in Nashville, Tennessee can be susceptible to high levels of residential radon and may require radon mitigation measures.

SWAT Environmental can test your Nashville, Tennessee home for radon. If high levels of radon are found, we can identify the various entry points and put appropriate radon mitigation measures in place. If residential radon is seeping in to your home through vents and cracks, we will equalize the air pressure inside your home with that outside your home. If residential radon is entering your home through the water supply, we will put in place radon mitigation measures to tackle the problem.

SWAT Environmental offers specialist radon mitigation services for homeowners in Nashville, Tennessee. Our highly-trained employees have experience of testing for and mitigating the effects of residential radon within the home. You can rely on our expertise to address your radon problem and reduce the threat to the health of you and your family.