Commercial Radon Mitigation – Nashville, Tennessee

Commercial Radon Mitigation in Nashville, Tennessee

Commercial Radon Mitigation Nashville TennesseeIf you operate a business in Nashville, Tennessee and you find high levels of radon in your commercial property, you must take prompt and effective action. Otherwise, you could find your profit margin dented due to the costs of implementing a radon mitigation program at an inconvenient time.

If you discover elevated levels of radon, employees may have to stay away from work until you take steps to reduce the levels of radon in the property. Radon is known to cause serious health issues, including lung disease and lung cancer. If your Nashville, Tennessee business is unable to operate until the problem is rectified, this can add to the cost of commercial radon mitigation. If you have a commercial property in Nashville, Tennessee that has a radon problem, contact SWAT Environmental. We can carry out radon testing and radon mitigation tailored specifically for commercial properties.

Commercial Radon Mitigation Specialists in Nashville, Tennessee

Radon mitigation work is highly specialized. If your Nashville, Tennessee commercial premises have high levels of radon, you must engage the services of a qualified commercial radon mitigation contractor to ensure minimum disruption to your business. Securing the services of a contractor who fails to fix the problem first time around will only add to the costs of radon mitigation in the long term.

While Tennessee has no state certification program for commercial radon mitigation contractors, the state does recommend that you use a qualified contractor with experience in radon mitigation.

SWAT Environmental’s qualified and experienced contractors carry out radon testing and mitigation on commercial properties throughout Nashville, Tennessee. We will provide you with an accurate report on the radon levels identified and help you put in place a radon mitigation program that minimizes disturbance and gets your commercial property fit for purpose once again.

Commercial Radon Mitigation Methods

Radon enters your commercial premises as a result of the difference between the external soil pressure and the internal air pressure. This difference creates a vacuum which sucks radon in to your commercial building through small fissures and vents in the foundations. SWAT Environmental recommends the use of active soil depressurization for a radon problem in a commercial property in Nashville, Tennessee. This method of radon mitigation equalizes the pressure in the soil with the air inside your building, preventing radon from entering your commercial building in the future. Once the pressure has been equalized, a plan can be put in place to reduce the current commercial radon levels.

SWAT Environmental can help you to address radon problems in a proactive manner, minimizing business interruption and allowing radon mitigation work to take place to fit your company’s production schedule. By implementing a radon mitigation program, you will improve the air quality in your Nashville, Tennessee commercial premises, benefitting you and your employees for years to come.