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Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 07:02 PM
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Radon Mitigation in Schools is a Must

Radon Mitigation in Schools in NashvilleRadon mitigation in schools is required if we want to make sure that everyone in Nashville, TN involved in the education system is safe. We know that with all of the recent, tragic shootings across the nation, there are numerous gun laws in talks. Despite all of these gun laws, a dangerous gas known radon has infiltrated numerous schools across the nation, and in the Nashville area, threatening the lives of millions of children, teachers, and faculty.

Radon gas affects one out of every five schools nationwide, which means that 70,000 schools have elevated radon gas levels, and are in need of mitigation. Every single year 20,000 people die from radon gas causing lung cancer. Of all lung cancer patients, one out of every seven have radon gas as the cause. It is pretty apparent to all Nashville residents that radon is a serious threat to the health of many, and without radon mitigation in schools, we are bound to let this large number of avoidable deaths continue.

Radon Mitigation in Schools in Nashville is Needed

If you live in the Nashville area, then you need to support a recent bill that has been proposed by a congressman from Iowa. If passed, this bill will provide the much needed funding for radon testing in all of the public schools across the United States. Schools in Nashville and across the nation that have high levels of gas will receive additional funding for mitigation. This is a streamlined process that assures all schools will get the highest level of health safety while effectively providing funding only where needed. In addition, no funding is coming out of the education budget, which ensures Nashville schools are operating to provide the best possible education.

Radon gas forms from the uranium in the Nashville soil that breaks down. When the uranium breaks down, the gas forms and may seep into small spaces through the foundation, or enter through a variety of other methods. The gas may enter its way through the water supply, or through materials used to construct Nashville schools. No matter how the gas enters, radon mitigation in schools is the only way to ensure that all Nashville students are being provided a safe learning environment, and that teachers and faculty can rest assured about long term health effects of the school.

S.W.A.T. Environmental has the skill set and knowledge to properly complete radon mitigation in schools. With a mitigation system properly installed, we can reduce the levels of schools in Nashville by as much as 99%. This means that we can turn a terribly dangerous school into a good learning environment for all. Act now, and write to your local politicians in Nashville to tell them to help raise awareness for radon mitigation in schools. You may even want to write a member of congress and tell them to support this bill. Let all Nashville students, teachers, and faculty breathe clean air.