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Tuesday, December 4, 2012 @ 03:12 PM
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Nashville Homes Concerned with Lung Cancer

Radon Gas Mitigation Nashville, TNWe all know that cigarettes cause lung cancer, but would you have ever thought that your Nashville home could be the cause of lung cancer? In fact, in more than one out of every seven cases of lung cancer, the home is actually the cause of lung cancer. Recent studies show that radon gas is responsible for 16% of all lung cancer cases.

The statistics are truly astounding. Each year, more people perish because of radon gas than drunk driving. Over 20,000 people die each year because of lung cancer caused by radon gas, and one out of every fifteen homes in America are estimated to have above acceptable levels, meaning that this number could continue to rise without proper intervention.

Radon Gas Mitigation in Nashville, TN

In order to properly mitigate radon gas from your home, you must first understand how it enters your home. You are not aware whether or not the gas has already made its way in, as the gas is invisible to the naked eye, and cannot be smelled. The only way to know for sure whether or not your home is at a high risk is with radon testing. Even with radon testing, you may still want to get a radon gas mitigation system even if your levels are low. With a radon gas mitigation system, you are sure to be able to breathe easy, and not have to worry about the troubles of radon gas.

Radon gas will creep into your Nashville home through several possible methods. The creation of radon begins in the soil. When uranium which is naturally in your soil breaks down naturally, it forms radon gas. Because this is a natural process, and uranium occurs organically, there is nothing that can be done in order to avoid high concentrations, but these high concentrations may be removed from your home.

As the radon forms, it will creep into your home through small cracks and spaces in the foundation. Radon may even enter your water supply and enter your home through this way. This means even if your home is not on a pile of uranium, but your water supply draws from ground water that is, then you may be in trouble.

Expert Radon Gas Mitigation in Nashville

Protecting your home from this killing chemical requires someone who knows the ins and outs of it. You do not want to risk the health of your family, friends, or even yourself up to someone who claims to know a lot about radon. This is something that should be handled by a professional as soon as possible. When you call S.W.A.T. Environmental, you are contacting a company that has been in the radon gas mitigation industry for over two decades, and has all the current certifications necessary to properly reduce your radon levels. Do not risk your health. Contact S.W.A.T. Environmental today.