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Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 08:10 PM
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Nashville Air Quality Observed

Nashville Indoor Air QualityIf you are a resident of Nashville, TN, you may have heard of radon gas, or the other threatening pollutants that affect the indoor and outdoor air quality. Air quality in the Nashville area is something that has come under great scrutiny lately, but what better time to take action than during air quality awareness month this October. Residents of Nashville can educate themselves on the dangers of pollutants, take action against for the pollutants in their home, or advocate these thoughts and actions to friends.

Indoor air quality is something that many of us can control, but unfortunately so few of us do. While the outdoor air quality can be impacted by our efforts of creating less pollution or planting trees, our indoor air quality may be improved through radon mitigation systems, or air purification systems that remove harmful gases from our homes.

Every year two million people perish because of poor air quality. One of the large factors of poor indoor air quality in Tennessee is radon gas. Radon gas occurs in the soil beneath your home, but may also be in your water supply, or the building materials used to construct your home. This gas can seep through your foundation or enter your home through other means.

Radon gas can seriously damage your health, causing lung cancer, or other health problems. Luckily S.W.A.T. Environmental can provide radon mitigation, improving the air quality of your home by reducing radon levels by as much as 99%. During this month, you can call us toll free for a free quote on having one of our certified professionals installing our radon mitigation systems in your Nashville, TN home.

Outdoor Air Quality in Nashville, TN

Nashville residents may also be affected by poor outdoor air quality. Outdoor air quality kills in excess of one million each year. Nashville residents are lucky, because now you may view the overall air quality as rated by the EPA almost instantaneously. The EPA has created the air quality index which sets a value between 0 and 500 which rates the health risks that you may experience.

Any score between 0 and 50 is considered safe air for all Nashville residents to breath. Unfortunately, there are several regions at the current moment which have levels greater than 50. These levels in excess of fifty indicate health risks that we are all subject to. Ways to avoid these health risks include staying inside, but remember it is important that your indoor air quality is safe as well.

Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, particle pollution, and ground level ozone are four of the main contributing factors to outdoor air pollution. Nashville residents can take control of their air quality this month by calling S.W.A.T. Environmental for an air purification system. If you have already had an air purification system installed, we encourage you to share the dangers of poor air quality with a friend. Take control this month, and call us for a solution.