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Thursday, March 22, 2012 @ 07:03 PM
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Why You Need Radon Mitigation in Tennessee

Radon Mitigation NashvilleRadon gas has become something of a problem in Nashville in recent years, as buyers who purchase existing homes are finding that their homes are often not equipped to handle the radon present in the soil or the water. The natural glaciation in the Appalachian Mountains that causes higher than normal amounts of radon also occurred, to some extent, in Nashville, causing houses there to often be exposed to more radon than usual. However, SWAT Environmental can manage this problem, and mitigate any radon that already exists in your house.

One of the more common methods of mitigating radon levels in a house is through soil suction. Quite often, the source of the radon is in the soil beneath the house; this soil then emits enough radon that it seeps into the house from below. The most effective strategy for the mitigation of radon from the soil is through the use of soil suction. This is a process that involves installing pipes in the bottom of the house to vent radon out from the soil, preventing it from seeping up into the house.

Another effective radon mitigation strategy SWAT Environmental can employ is applying a sealant to any cracks or other openings in your foundation or basement. In fact, in certain cases, this might be effective enough to be the only method necessary to combat rising radon levels in your house. If it is not, however, it is still worth doing because it makes other radon mitigation techniques much more effective and efficient. In addition, this strategy helps make another method of reducing radon gas in the home, known as house pressurization, more effective. This method works by using a fan system to keep radon from entering into the house in the first place.

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Sometimes radon will be detected in the private water supply that runs to your house, not just in the air. In this case, soil suction and other methods of radon mitigation that work for soil-based radon are ineffective. A two-pronged approach to radon mitigation is often necessary here. First, SWAT Environmental can install filters at all points of entry for the water supply, eliminating the radon from the water before it ever enters your home. Second, it can install additional filters at all points of use, such as the faucets at your sinks, making doubly sure that all traces of radon are removed from the water you may be using for washing, cooking or drinking.

All of these strategies are viable methods for removing radon from your home and keeping it out. However, it is important that you rely on SWAT Environmental’s trained professionals to determine the specific methods of radon mitigation that are the most applicable to you and your scenario. Their professional evaluation will help ensure that you receive the best return on your investment — and that you keep your family safe from radon gas with radon mitigation.